Voices to Hear

Voices to Hear (V2H) is a project that uses the oral tradition of storytelling to empower Native American students (middle, high school and college) to engage in environmental decision-making and scientific communication, while building a stronger sense of their ethnic identity. Through the development and sharing of stories via podcasts, V2H facilitates understanding of how indigenous tribes in Northern Idaho merge different knowledge systems to make decisions about environmental issues in their communities. As students reflect on environmental decision-making processes in their communities they will develop the ability to weave indigenous traditional knowledge with Eurocentric mainstream science to address environmental problems, while advancing this practice to help make sustainable decisions in their everyday lives. While podcasts resonate strongly with the oral storytelling traditions of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, they also provide a mechanism for conducting scientific inquiry. The production of a high-quality audio documentary is a multilayered, labor-intensive process that emphasizes inquiry, patience and perseverance and requires observation, data collection and analysis being crafted into a story in such a way that enables the audience to gain understanding of the issues being narrated.

Voices to Hear Podcasts

The following podcasts have been approved by the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Cultural Committee, Department of Natural Resources, and the Department of Education.

Introduction Podcast

What do stories teach us: This podcast gives a brief overview of the Voices to Hear project and explains how stories told by Coeur D’Alene tribal elders can help us understand scientific phenomena in current times.

Listen to: Building New Perspectives

Year 1 – Podcasts

Listen to: The Effects of Northern Pike on Cutthroat Trout: Alex, Speencer, and Ann

Listen to: Hangman Creek Restoration: Jake, Lily, Brutis, and Valdena

Listen to: The Impact of Silver Mining: Gayton, Lucky, and Mekah

Listen to: The Cause of Tundra Swan Deaths: Kyra, Kiona, Issaiah, and Dahyiitihi

Year 2 – Podcasts

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we moved our program entirely online, which was not without its challenges! We chose an overarching topic where students learned about Post Falls dam and its impact on Lake Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding ecosystem. We also spent time thinking about the Five Core Values and how they guide the Tribe’s decision-making in finding ethical solutions to environmental problems.

Listen to: The schitsu’umsh Perspective on the Restoration of Native Fish Species: Kyra, Valdena, Ann, Chief Jr., and Amanda

Listen to: Three Native Voices in Conversation: Deviney, Sophia, and Kyra

Year 3 – Podcasts

Year 3 podcasts were created under the theme, “Since Time Immemorial” and document the importance of salmon to the schitsu’umsh people. Using a timeframe of past, present and future, Native youth address the impact of climate change on the existence of salmon and the wider ecosystem.

Listen to: The Importance of Salmon of the schitsu’umsh people – Alex, Amanda, Amaris, JuJu, Tylah and Tykissiya

Listen to: Impact of Climate Change on Salmon Restoration – Deviney, Marcus, John, Kyleigh, Mercedes

Listen to: Future Challenges to Salmon Sustainability – Sophia, Heaven, Anderson, Isabelle, Samantha, Kyra

Voices to Hear Photos Summer 2019

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