Improve Academic Success

And Strengthen the Cultural Identity of Students

Improve Social

Build financial knowledge and skills, for generating income and asset-building.

Enhance Moral

Developing a moral character helps to achieve success and happiness.

Improve Economic

The positive effects of developing and maintaining healthy relationships are endless.


Our Mission

Our mission is to implement the Tribe’s commitment to education which includes the enhancement of the social, moral, and economic well-being of the Coeur d’ Alene Tribe and its membership.

Summer Undergraduate Opportunities

Our Programs

Investing in our people

We provide students with the academic and social skills necessary for a productive life in modern society as well as to be future leaders.

Five Core Values

The five pillars represent the heart of the Coeur d’ Alene people. It is our hope that these pillars are so deeply rooted in our children’s heart that we will see them carried out in a relational, reciprocal, respectful and responsible way for generations immemorial.

‘ats’ qhnt’ wesh


To care for all things with integrity, responsibility, accountability and social awareness in all spheres of life, human, animals, natural resources, and the cosmos, looking at each other from the heart.



Capable, decent, moral, ‘a good person’, a good citizen in your family, tribal, local and world community. A responsible, accountable and informed citizen in all spheres of relationship.

hnshat’ qn


To protect our tribal ways of knowing and being through the protection, care and responsibility for our people, natural resources, culture, history, traditions, language and spirituality.



Life-long, holistic learning with ideas rooted in tribal values, self-determination, self-government and sovereignty that produces deep knowledge to understand the world and meaningful application within the community.



Faith from which the Creator reveals the connection between all life. It unites the space between the past, present, and future through the peoples, environment, and land; and is rooted within the ceremonies from which the Tribe celebrates those connections.

Five Core Values Video

Scholarship & Career Opportunities

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services: Student Trainee (Training Support)

This position is part R9-NCTC-Divisions of Training and Creative Resources. As a Student Trainee (Training Support) you will be responsible for duties that are designed to provide experience in training and development.

For more information, click the link below. Application deadline is September 22nd.

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