Permit Application

STEP 1: Review the Interim Encroachment Standards

Please review the Encroachment Standards to ensure compliance with standards for proposed design. You may wish to print and retain this document for your records.

STEP 2: Review the Fee Schedule

Please review the Fee Schedule (Amended 2/8/2024 by Tribal Resolution 058(24)) and indicate which type of encroachment exists or is planned, and the application and/or permit fees required. Applicant must print, sign and submit a copy of the Fee Schedule with the Encroachment Application.

STEP 3: Complete the Permit Application

Print and complete in entirety the Permit Application. Incomplete applications will delay processing time and may be rejected upon the Tribe’s determination of insufficient information.

STEP 4: Mail the completed application

Mail the completed application and fee schedule, along with the fee(s) required, to the address shown on the top of the Encroachment Application. Application review may take up to 90 days depending on the proposed encroachment location, condition, and other factors. Applications received without appropriate fees will be denied. You will receive a reply from us upon review of your application.