Moose Lottery

The Moose Lottery drawing takes place every year in the middle of August. The lottery is open to all enrolled Coeur d’Alene Tribal members that are 14 and older. Applications are available in early July and can be picked up at the Fish, Water and Wildlife building at 401 Anne Antelope Road in Plummer. Applications must be submitted by the established deadline (usually early August) listed on the application.

All applicants drawn for a moose tag must wait 3 years before entering the lottery again (may apply the third year following being drawn). Hunters are also required to fill out a harvest report form, even if not successful at harvesting a moose. If a report is not submitted by January 31st following the hunting season, hunters will be subjected to an additional 3 year wait (making a total of 6 years) before they may apply again.

Successful applicants may choose an enrolled Coeur d’Alene member as a Designated Hunter if they do not wish to or are unable to hunt for themselves. Designated Hunters are also included in the three year wait before they are eligible to apply and/or hunt again.