The Fisheries Program mission is to restore, protect, expand and reestablish fish populations to sustainable levels to provide harvest opportunities within the historical and cultural territories of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. The Program’s goals and objectives are accomplished through the implementation of fisheries management plans, and by working in a variety of cooperative, governmental and non-governmental arenas to address aquatic resource issues and needs. The Coeur d’Alene Tribal Council directs the Fisheries Program, as part of the Natural Resources Department, to develop cooperative agreements, design habitat improvement projects, conduct scientific research and monitoring, and pursue various funding opportunities to accomplish the maintenance and improvement in the Reservation fishing program and to develop cooperative activities that may be required off Reservation.

Accepting Applications for Summer Youth Internships for 2023

Looking for more information? Check out this article: Pike Management in Souther end of Lake Coeur d’Alene take next stepto see what the future holds for pike management in the southern end of the lake.


Education & Outreach

Gina Baughn, Natural Resources Education Specialist

Bobbie White, Natural Resources Education Specialist

Yearly Activities

  • Water Awareness Week
  • Natural Resource Inter-Tribal Youth Camp

Felix Aripa Shi’ttsin Building

Mainline: 208-686-5302

Angelo J. VitaleFisheries Program Manager686-6903
Aaron PenneySupplementation Biologist686-2083
Bobbie WhiteNR Education & Outreach Specialist686-0131
James SamuelsSeasonal Fisheries Technician686-5302
Jeff JordanFisheries Biologist686-8702
Bruce KinkeadFisheries Biologist686-6071
Jon FirehammerResearch Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist686-7037
Bryan HarperFisheries Technician686-6060
Judy CaldwellClerk/Receptionist686-5302
Dan JoliboisTechnician Supervisor686-6404
Mark OrtivezSeasonal Fisheries Technician686-5302
Mark StangerSeasonal Fisheries Technician686-2083
Eric HendricksonFisheries Technician686-6060
Phyllis JohnsonOffice Manager686-2083
Stephanie HallockHabitat Biologist686-0701
George AripaTechnician Supervisor686-8811
Gina BaughnNR Education & Outreach Specialist686-0131
Tom BiladeauHabitat Restoration Biologist686-6307
Glen LambertLead Fisheries Technician686-7108