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What is GIS? | If you are completely new to the term GIS, that’s okay! Get a basic introduction here.

Reconnect or Add Imagery Layers

Frequently Asked Questions

For any of the following questions:

How do I obtain a login to the GIS Portal?

I forgot my password to the GIS Portal, what should I do?

Can you install ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro on my workstation or laptop?

How much would it cost to fly the drone?

What if I need to share GIS data with a third-party outside of tribal government?

You must have the third party complete and sign a Data License Agreement

More Resources

Learn ArcGIS | This site offers guided lessons based on real-world problems and allows you to select your level of experience with GIS before suggesting learning materials.

Field Maps | Now that Collector has retired, you can use this site to get tips and tricks for using the new Field Maps App

Story Maps | Have you seen the story maps the GIS team has put together and wished you could make your own? Find resources to get started here!

ESRI Certified Learning Courses | Become a GIS professional today!