The Language Program is funded by the Tribal Council, through Coeur d’Alene Tribal Gaming Revenues. We currently receive additional funding through a grant from the Administration for Native Americans. The ANA grant projects are listed below. In addition to working on projects, we are often called upon to fulfill inquiries and provide consultant work in matters concerning the language from tribal departments, employees, families, and outside agencies. We are the point of contact for all Coeur d’ Alene language projects that happen on and off the reservation.

Mission Statement

The Coeur d Alene Tribal Language Program will promote family-based activities for individuals who are committed to revitalizing the native language. We seek guidance from our elders past and present, in order to learn and teach Coeur d’ Alene, to hear it spoken once again throughout the reservation community.

Current Projects

Project Summary– By using the Tribe’s technological capacity, including an electronic mail system and web server connected to individual computers, hnqwa’qwe’eln (Language Program) staff will deliver text and audio lessons to Tribal employees in their respective workplaces. We will create lessons that provide comprehensive instruction in the language, but deliver them at flexible levels of skill and commitment, allowing learners to self-pace their progress. By the nature of their regular job interactions, and access to the resources on the “internal” website, the employee group will make it common to use the language in daily job tasks and activities.

Language Resources-hnqwa’qwe’eln (Language Program) will plan, create, and revise existing language materials to suite the workplace setting. For example, office templates for correspondence within the Tribe will be provided with snchitsu’umshtsn (Coeur d’Alene Language) use. These will be made available to employees via the Tribe’s “internal” website. Employees will be emailed with updates to the site.

Employee Workshops and Discussion Groups-hnqwa’qwe’eln will conduct workplace workshops upon request from individual departments. These will be brief and fun sessions designed for help with pronunciation, and to provide Coeur d’Alene language interaction within the individual departments. Discussion Groups on the “internal” site will be moderated by hnqwa’qwe’eln Staff.

Promotional Activities and Events– hnqwa’qwe’eln will facilitate activities to sustain routine workplace usage of the language by conducting individual and inter-departmental contests, language fairs, etc. throughout the year.


2004-05 we will work with Employees of the Tribe (primarily those who have access to the email network). In the second year of the grant, 2005-06, we will add Coeur d’Alene Casino Employees. And the third year, 2006-07, we will add the Benewah Medical Center, Wellness Center and Early Childhood Learning Center Employees. By the end of the three years, we will be potentially serving at least 700 Employees, the largest pool of potential adult learners yet to be served by language projects that began in 1994!

Multimedia Education Application– Fun interactive activities on the computer with sound and animation. This will be used as a supplemental teaching activity for young children and their families.

Resources for language teachers– Lessons and activities for teachers and families to do with children. They will be applicable to the delivery of instruction, discipline, and other everyday life activities.

A Coeur d’Alene language database, searchable in either Coeur d’Alene or English.