Tribal Employments Rights Office

The purpose of this Ordinance is to assist in and require fair employment of Indians on or near the Coeur d’ Alene Reservation and to prevent discrimination against Indians in any employment practices by employers on or near the Reservation. The Tribal Employment Rights Commission will govern and establish rules, regulations, and policies. The Commission’s responsibility and authority are to ensure on or near the Reservation compliance with this Ordinance.

Like land, water, and minerals; jobs, contracts, and subcontracts in the private sector on or near our Reservation are important resources for Indian people. Indians must protect their rights and obtain their share of workforce opportunity, as they become available. Indians have unique and special employment, subcontract and contract rights and the Coeur d’ Alene Tribal government has the inherent sovereign power to pass laws to implement and enforce those special rights on behalf of Indian people. Indians are also entitled to the protection of the laws that the federal government has adopted to combat employment rights program and office in order to use the aforementioned laws and powers to increase employment of Indian workers and businesses and to eradicate discrimination against Indians.

Steps to complete for consideration as an Indian Preference Contractor/Subcontractor (for Native Owned Business)

Submit the following items to be considered for certification as an Indian Preference Contractor/Sub-Contractor, to the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance Office. Be sure to list the contractor’s name and phone number for the TERO Director to call, if additional information needs to be submitted. All information submitted must be current year. By not submitting current year information, this will only delay your application process.

  1. Secure Tribal Business License from the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Employment Rights Office. Call the TERO Director for more information on how to obtain your business license
  2. Verification of Tribal Enrollment (certified)
  3. Verification of 51% Indian Ownership (certified)
  4. Verification of Performance Bonding and other Insurance
  5. Verification of Financial capabilities, i.e.: letter from financial institution or private entities providing funding capabilities (certified)
  6. Letter of intent, describing work capabilities
  7. Certified list of ownership of equipment, with description, type and model
  8. Three (3) letters of reference, preferably from three different prior employees.If you have not yet established a performance record, you may include three personal letters of reference. Letters must have phone number for verification by the T.E.R.O. Director
  9. Applicants interested in becoming certified as Indian Preference Bidders for timber sales must comply with 1-8 above and the “Timber Operations Policy”. This Policy can be obtained at the TERO Office