Public Works

Mission Statement

The mission of the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Public Works department is to empower the Coeur d’Alene tribal people and community through:

  • The preservation of spiritual and traditional values;
  • The building of safe and healthy communities;
  • The encouragement of sustainable economic and community development;
  • The exercise of tribal sovereignty;
  • Generating and providing accurate and updated information;
  • Facilitating public participation;
  • Promoting educational and innovative planning concepts; and
  • Developing regulatory guidelines to ensure our vision and mission.

Public Works Notices

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2015

CDA Reservation Tourism Plan April 2014

Public Transit and Human Services Transportation Coordination Action Plan

Tribal Hazard Mitigation Plan

Public Works

Public Works Phone: 208-686-5611

Public Works Fax: 208.686.7219

Roads Program

Roads Fax: 208.686.1470

Public Works Goals


  • The Public Works Department will design and provide overall direction in tribal planning and development activities on the reservation.
  • The Public Works Department will actively participate in the local, state, and federal planning and development environments.
  • The Public Works Department will actively promote and incorporate appropriate public participation in planning and development activities.
  • The Public Works Department will develop and establish comprehensive, system, area, and site plans; and necessary land use regulations and codes.


  • Add collect/information gathering such as GIS, IT, Finance, Facilities, etc.
  • Identify key stakeholders within communities.
  • Create monthly meetings with key stakeholders.
  • Create communication to the public through the Tribal paper.
  • Assign personnel to find out directions as to type of regulations:
  • To regulate and control sprawl and/or density
  • Use the Integrated Resource Management Plan (IRMP) as an overall guide.
  • Develop/update Transportation, utilities, assigns personnel to work on each plan.

Public Works

  • The Public Works Department will coordinate the development and organization of infrastructure systems on the reservation, to include transportation, facilities, utilities, water, sewer, and solid waste
  • The Public Works Department will develop and implement a zoning, building, and permitting process to address reservation needs.


  • Assign personnel to carryout goal; to make contact with utility companies; such as Idaho Power, Avista, Kootenai Electric, Verizon, etc.
  • To force future development sites and planning for infrastructure.
  • Mend relationship with cities.
  • Find out the legal issues re: land-use controls
  • Add subdivision

Economic Development

  • The Public Works Department, in coordination with other programs and entities, will work to balance economic development and growth on the reservation, while preserving its’ cultural and rural character.
  • The Public Works Department will work to establish quality jobs and services for tribal and community residents.
  • The Public Works Department will identify and prioritize development projects consistent with community needs; and secure solid financial resources for timely completion of projects.


  • Decide where different types of growth should go.
  • Select rural areas for development.
  • Find the needs and wants in the Reservation that are not being met by business or government.
  • Establish connection with each community’s chamber of commerce if one exists
  • Research ways other tribes have done good E.D. while maintaining rural character.

Community Development

  • The Public Works Department will work with the three (3) tribal communities (DeSmet, Plummer, and Worley) to identify and prioritize community improvement projects that will be compiled into community development plans.
  • The Public Works Department will establish communication with community residents by conducting appropriate community meetings.


  • Begin conducting at least four (4) community meetings in Plummer, Idaho, and
  • at least two (2) community meetings in Worley on a regular basis.

Data Collection and Organization

  • The Public Works Department will collect demographic data to include housing, labor, population, employment, economic trends, education, income, and related information.
  • The Public Works Department will establish a data base to include maps, as-builts, infrastructure and facility plans, comprehensive and system plans; codes, covenants, and land use regulations.
  • The Public Works Department will establish parameters to ensure the integrity and quality of the demographic information collected; this information will be updated and made available to appropriate parties.


  • Preliminary data collection started.
  • Know what GIS already has and plans to acquire
  • Learn GIS
  • Informal lunches (frequent)
  • Have everybody specialize in knowledge of a couple of departments.