Forestry and Fire Managment

Dedicated to preserving, enhancing and developing the forest resources for the Coeur d'Alene people.

The Coeur d'Alene Tribal Forestry program has three major responsibilities: Forest Management, Forest Development and Fire Management. The program consists of ten positions filled by twenty-two employees. The positions include: Forest Manager, Foresters, Forest Development Forester, Forestry Technicians, Fire Management Officer, Fuels Technician, Fleet Manager, Firefighters, Timber Accountant and Administrative Assistant.


The Forest Manager administers the tribal forestry and fire management programs. These programs strive to maintain an environmentally healthy forest to insure future production of desired forest products. Management guidelines are established for both tribal and allotted lands in a forest management plan. Foresters are responsible for planning, scheduling, directing and managing all forest management and development activities. Forestry Technicians assist the foresters, as well as work independently to conduct seedling survival studies, timber marking, timber and realty cruises and fire suppression activities.

Forest Development

This program focuses on applying silviculture activities such as reforestation, pre-commercial thinning, pruning, site preparation, cone collection and tree improvement.

Fire Management

The Fire Management Officer is assisted by a Fuels Technician, Fleet Manager and nine seasonal fire fighters. They work cooperatively with local, state and federal agencies to protect tribal, allotted and fee lands against catastrophic wildfires. They also use prescribed burning to prepare planting sites, initiate underburning to increase forage and reduce fuel loading, and maintain a defensible space program to protect tribal homes from fire.

Timber Accountant & Admin. Assistant

Collects, records and disburses timber sale revenues and monitors departmental budgets and personnel records respectively.

Timber SalesFuelsDevelopment
Development  |  4/26/2017

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