In-House Legal Council

Mission Statement

The In-House Legal Counsel’s mission is to provide high quality, creative and result oriented legal advice to the Tribal Council and the entities of the Tribe and serve as the primary legal resource in all aspects of Tribal growth and development.

Law and Order

John Abraham: Law and Order Administrator 686-7224
Angella Pulkownik: Law and Order Administration Specialist 686-0601

Prosecutor’s Office

Marty Raap: Tribal Prosecutor 686-5089
Debbie Rapp: Prosecutor’s Assistant 686-3013

Probation Department

Jackson Louie: Juvenile Probation 686-5511
Gerry Benson: Adult Probation 686-5709

Public Defender’s Office

Delores (Dee) Teren: Public Defender 686-5504
Becky Moffitt: Public Defender Assistant 686-5504

Clerk’s Office

686-1777 fax: 686-5805
Francine Pierre Court Manager
Anna Peone Court Clerk/Garnishments
Hazel Henry Court Clerk/Warrants list
Sue Garry Court Clerk/Prisoner inmate costs
Alice Pluff Receptionist

Civil Office

Dalberta Faletogo 686-5411
Civil Attorney’s office hours Wednesdays and Thursday 8am-4:30pm
Tribal Child Support Program: 686-5200
Misty Lowley-Program Director/Grant Manager
Carmel McCurdy-Attorney
Carol Pluff Financial Specialist
Mona Daniels-Manager
Toni LaDeaux-Case Manager
Tamera Curtis-Case Manager
Brianna Havier-Receptionist

Legislative Affairs

Press Releases



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