What Workplace Workshops Are: Below is the curriculum material that we used for workplace workshops. That is, we provided weekly workshops with Tribal Departments who requested them.The attendees were provided access to these Online activities to supplement learning. Audio pronunciations for the handouts can be accessed from each section through the links that say “handout with audio links.”You will need Microsoft Powerpoint to access the interactive games and storybooks they may take a little while to load, depending on your Internet connection). If you’re a Tribal Department who’s interested in participating in language workshops, gather some fellow co-workers together, and give us a call.

Sounds of Coeur d'AleneMaking Introductions Conversational Sentences Feelings and EmotionsPiecing it all together

Workshop 1: Sounds of Coeur d'Alene

Supplemental Material: Storybook detailing Coeur d'Alene sounds.
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Morning Story
Storybook detailing Coeur d'Alene sounds

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