Audio Alerts in snchitsu'umshtsn for Computers

Want your computer to talk back to you in Coeur d'Alene? The following sound bites are available as audio clips that you can install on your hard drive; the instructions are below. You can use them to replace the default sounds on your computer that announce alerts, for example (including all of the Windows sounds*).
The Coeur d'Alene terms in the left-hand column are what the audio clips are titled. Work backwards from the English translation to grab the audio clip you want.
To save to your computer: right-click on the .wav button, select 'Save Target As~.', find the folder you've created on your hard drive, then click 'Save'. A window will appear that says, 'Download Complete' Print these instructions

Suggested Sound Coeur d'Alene Translation Download
Exclamation (rb) 'what's the task, my job?' (rb) (rb) 2
Default Beep;
Critical Stop
(rb) 'what's the matter?' (rb)
Default Beep 'get started!' (rb)
(rb) 'that's right, Right On!' (rb)
Program error   (rb) 'what the heck?!' (rb)
(rb) 'I don't know' (rb)
(rb) 'what are you thinking?' (rb)
(rb) 'You can really go around in circles' (rb)
Question   (rb) 'look out, what's this?' (rb)
(rb) 'are you confused?' (rb)
Start Windows (km)
'good morning' (rb) (km)
(lf) (lf)
(rb) 'you're back !' (rb)
(rb) 'good, you made it' (rb)
(rb) 'oh, you're back !' (rb)
Start Windows;
(km) 'greetings; ok, good! (lf) (rb) (km)
Restore Up (rb) 'is that right?; is that so?' (rb)
Restore Down (rb) 'coffee's ready'('Break time') (rb)
Exit Windows;
Close program
(rb) 'time for lunch' (rb)1 (rb)2
(rb) 'I'll see you later' (rb)
(rb) 'I'm finished' (rb)
any project;
'to do' list;
program stop
(rb) 'It's not ready yet' (rb)
(rb) (rb)2
Exit Windows (lf) 'the work day's over' (lf)
(km) (km)
(rb) 'quit time' (rb)
(rb) 'I quit for today' (rb)
(rb) 'it's time for us to go home' (rb)
(rb) 'let's go home' (rb)
(rb) 'that's it, let's go' (rb)
Empty Recycle Bin (rb) 'you take care of it' (rb)
Blocked Pop-Up
Menu popup
(rb) 'I'm confused' (rb)
Blocked Pop-up
(rb) 'is it quitting time (yet)?' (rb)
New Mail notification
(km) 'you've got mail'

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