The Network Operations Center (NOC):

The heart of the broadband program is the NOC.  The NOC serves as the central transmission point that provides broadband transmission services for the reservation community.

Public view into the server room

The NOC is located in a secure room that is built into the Community Technology Center. Clients will be able to view the server room through a large window.

Inside the server room

The NOC server room has two separate doors which enter into a spacious 27’ x 11’9” area.  The cabinets shown above hold the central core routers, switches, patch panels, firewalls, tape backup, UPS and Internet broadband servers.

Breakers & Generator transfer switch
Upstairs Breakers
Backup Generator
Backup UPS

The NOC has a correctly sized 40 KW battery backup UPS and 60 KW propane emergency generator to provide a reliable electrical power source to the core broadband server equipment.  We currently experience hundreds of brief ΒΌ second power outages and a dozen hour long plus power outages every year.  With emergency backup computer grade electrical power, we will continue to provide reliable carrier class broadband communications to the community, schools, hospitals and emergency first responders.  With reliable power, the NOC additionally serves as an emergency communications command post in the unfortunate event of a disaster or homeland defense issues.

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