Other Accomplishments


In 2005 the Broadband department secured a tracked vehicle through a Homeland Defense grant through the Coeur d’Alene Tribe.  This tracked vehicle is an essential asset to the Broadband department because it allows the ability to safely traverse personnel and equipment to our tower locations during all weather conditions.

The Broadband tracked vehicle is used for all weather conditions

Additionally, this vehicle serves as a “Homeland Defense Emergency Communications Tracked Vehicle” during times of disaster when communications need to be maintained or established in rugged hard to reach areas.  With this vehicle, we can carry all necessary equipment and personnel to most mountain top locations and quickly deploy wireless emergency phone and data networks into critical areas as necessary to support the communication needs of emergency responders.

A recent example of the important use of this vehicle is when the Broadband department was requested to provide tribal telephone and data communications to the Worley Long House for ECLC use.  This tracked vehicle was utilized to transport the necessary phone & data equipment to the snow covered Worley T574 microwave tower site.  This permitted connectivity of Long House to the Plummer IT phone and data network over the Broadband microwave tower network.

Primary Goals for remainder of FY 2006 & FY2007

Fiber optic cable from Plummer-Butte to the NOC:

Installing a fiber optic cable from Plummer-Butte to the NOC.  This fiber optic cable will be utilized to transport 1 Gig/second communications between the NOC and the Plummer-Butte microwave tower.

Install additional access-point base station antennas for clients to connect to:

Mica-Washington is planned to be installed with a base station 802.11g radio.

Mica-Washington microwave tower (left larger tower)

A Mica-Washington located base-station radio, will allow the broadband department to reach five to ten miles into the North East cornet of the Coeur d’Alene Tribal reservation.

Mica-Washington coverage (distance may be greater when installed)

DeSmet; The Sister’s Building or nearby water tanks are planned to soon be equipped with a base station radio to service local clients.  Erecting the 40-foot mast is hoped to be complete is a few weeks.

DeSmet broadband coverage area

Closing Statement:

The Broadband Department has generated large amounts of interest and support from all surrounding communities.  With Internet Broadband services, we can attract more businesses to the area, improve education, offer access to information and easily communicate information through-out the World-Wide-Web.

The Internet is as important today as telephones, TV, radio and news papers were 20 years ago.  There is more information on the Internet than has ever been printed on paper.  While helping our residents access and develop an understanding of the Internet, we are planting the future economic seeds of growth in our community.

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