Who We Are

The modern Coeur d'Alene Tribe is the sum of uncounted centuries, of untold generations. In the tribe's own ancient language, it is called Schitus'umsh, meaning "Those Who Are Found Here" or "The Discovered People." In this, remains a land abundant in beauty and resources, a legacy of leadership, and a lineage that continues from time immemorial. The Coeur d'Alenes are who they always were and who they will always be…

Latest News

We are all ready gearing up for this years Julyamsh Powwow and Coeur d'Alene Tribal Encampment locacted at the Greyhound Park in Post Falls, Idaho. Join us July 25th - 27th. Everyone welcomed!

Silent Art Auction

Saturday July 26th at 5 pm Call To Artists: Contact Steph Jordan at 1-800-523-2464 or email. Artists who donate a minimum of $450 worth of art will receive a free vendor booth. Limited amount of vendor booths available
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